Requirements for application


Application period for the winter term 23/24 has closed, the next regular intake will be for the winter term 24/25 (deadline: 15.07.2024.


Read the Guide for submitting applications carefully befor starting the application process! Incomplete applications will not be considered.


Requirements for enrolment in the M.Sc. in High-Performance Sport are:

  • Completion of an undergraduate degree in Sport Science or a related field.
  • Proof of eligibility by means of an above average final grade (at least 2.5 in the German grading system or Grade B according to ECTS). International degrees will be verified for equivalence according to KMK-regulations and grades transferred into the German grading system via the modified Bavarian formula. Achieving the minimum grade for admission (2.5 in the German grading system) does not gurantee acceptance. As only limited places are available in each term, a ranking will be created based on the grades of all applicants, practical experience and the applicants motivation (details below). If the final undergraduate certificate is not available until the application deadline it is possible to apply with the current transcript of records, as long as the final certificate can be submitted to Saarland University until the 15th of December.
  • Proof of English language proficiency, proven by:

a) Native language,
b) High school and/or university degree studied and passed in an English-speaking country,
c) A certificate proving English language proficiency on level B2 within the European reference agreement. Accepted certificates are TOEFL (iBT: 72), Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English (Categorie: FCS), IELTS (Score: 5.5),

d) Means of a “good” final grade in English within the German “Abitur” (equal to at least 10 of 15 points; level: E-course), or equivalent.

The final decision regarding the equivalences of other certificates will be made by the Examination Board of the Faculty. Proof of equivalence before submitting any documents is not possible.



Final acceptance to the programm will be based on a ranking in which a maximum of 35 points can be achieved as follows:

  • Up to 20 points for the final grade in the undergraduate degree:
Overall grade Points Overall grade Points Overall grade Points Overall grade Points
1,0 20 1,4 16 1,8 12 2,2 8
1,1 19 1,5 15 1,9 11 2,3 7
1,2 18 1,6 14 2,0 10 2,4 6
1,3 17 1,7 13 2,1 9 2,5 5


  • Up to 12 points for proof of practical experience within the field of high-performance sport (applied or research), such as working experience or internships (full-time):
    minimum of 24 weeks     12 points
    minimum of 22 weeks     11 points
    minimum of 20 weeks     10 points
    minimum of 18 weeks       9 points
    minimum of 16 weeks       8 points
    minimum of 14 weeks       7 points
    minimum of 12 weeks       6 points
    minimum of 10 weeks       5 points
    minimum of 8 weeks         4 points
    minimum of 6 weeks         3 points
    minimum of 4 weeks         2 points

    Proof of practical experience including ghours per week or month as well as a brief describtion of responsibilities (e. g. letter of recommendation, certificate) is mandatory for consideration. Statements within a CV will not be considered.

  • Up to 3 points can be achieved via a motivational video. This video should have a maximum duration of 3 minutes in standard video formats. In this video the applicant should answer the following questions

1. Why do you want to study the master programme 'High-performance sport'?

2. Why do you want to study at Saarland University in Germany?

3. Which practical experiences have you already achieved regarding high-performance sport? 

The video file should be a maximum of 25 MB (medium quality is sufficient) in MP4 format. If you need to reduce the file size, you can use this link as example:


The next regular intake will be the winter term 22/23 (application deadline: 15th of July 2022). Please note that all applications have to be submitted via the online application portal on the degree programme website, which opens six to four weeks before the deadline. Applications send via email will not be accepted.



Degree Coordinator:

Dr. Sabrina Forster (Skorski; PhD; on parental leave until end of 2023)
Degree Coordinator High-Performance Sport
Campus Bldg. B 8.2, room: -1.11

Phone.: +49 681 302 70411


Maxime Brandts
Degree Coordinator High-Performance Sport
Campus Bldg. B 8.2, room: -1.11

Phone.: +49 681 302 70411


Consulting hours summer term 2023:

Available upon request.