Guide for Submitting Applications


Read this guide carefully before starting the application process!

All applications have to be submitted via the online application portal of Saarland University (SIM):

General remarks regarding admission applications and enrollment can be found here:

You further find information, step-by-step instructions, video tutorials (German only) and practical tips on how to use the SIM portal including FAQ via the SIM Saarland support page ( A detailed application guide is also available as PDF Download.


Specific Instructions:

  • When asked for your Higher Education Entry Qualification (HEEQ) please choose „HEEQ acquired abroad (general HEEQ)“
  • If you have already received your undergraduate certificate choos "First study" in the drop down menu in "Examinations taken". You can choose Bacherlor degree in the second drop-down menu
  • When asked to select a Proof of German language proficiency please select choose „None of the above“ and state „Not required“ in the comment field on details below. Please upload your proof of English language proficiency in the upload section at the end (mandatory).
  • If English is your native language or it is an official language in your country please upload a copy of your passport. If your undergraduate degree was taught completely in English please upload a statement from your university.


The following pieces of information and documents are required

  • Tanscripts of records including a final overall grade.
  • Certificates of your undergraduate degree.
  • Proof of English language profficency.
  • Motivational video.
  • If available proof of practical experience.


If you you are in the process of finishing your undergraduate degree it is possible to apply with the current transcript of records including all grades achieved until the deadline. If succesfull you have to submit the final undergraduate certificate to Saarland University until the 31st of December. For the first application round, scanned pdf files of certificates are accepted. In the further application process, submission of legally certified transcripts are mandatory due to University regulations. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Please note as proof of a minimum undergraduate grade of 2.5 in the German grading system is mandatory for admission applications without an overall GPA will not be considered. If possible provide an official statement from the respective university including information on the grading system in the country and university, respectively.

We also consider any practical experience within the field of high-performance sport (research and applied) achieved besides the undergraduate degree (e. g. coaching certificats, CV, internships). Proof of such experiences (e. g. letter of recommendation, certificate) is mandatory. Statements within CVs will not be considered. This practical experience will be acknowledged during in the ranking process (please see requirements for application for more details).

A undergraduate degree in sport science or a related field is mandatory for admission. Equivalence of other degrees will be decided by the examination comittee of the department after submitting the application. A proof prior to submission is not possible. All undergradute grades will be transfered into the German grading system via the modified Bavarian formular, which can also be found online. Please note, that achieving the minimum grade for admission (2.5 in the German system) does not gurantee acceptance. As we only have limited places available a ranking will be created based on the grades of all applicants. At the end the 20 best students will be accepted to the programme. Thus, submitting a final or preliminary grade is mandatory for considerations.